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Howdy, I am
Rida F'kih,
and I code to solve.

I’m a software & web developer based in Calgary, Alberta, and learned to code in order to make life a little easier. I currently teach what I’ve learned.

About Me
Who is Rida F'kih?

Thanks for checking out my website! I’m Rida F’kih, and I’m a self-taught Canadian developer. I’ve always been “the computer guy” since I was a kid, but I didn’t really pick up coding until I was 16 years old—but then, oh boy was I hooked!

I started off coding programs that would automate my playing online games, but eventually I dropped that altogether, and that love for video games transferred over to programming. I’ve been coding non-stop since.

Being able to develop solutions to problems I face on a daily basis is an incredibly rewarding feeling, and I’ve begun to share that with others. Since I’ve started coding, I’ve found myself in two amazing opportunities to teach this passion to future developers!

These are just some of the technologies & apps I use to build my programs.

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My Projects
My Favourite Projects

UI Palette allows you to instantly visualize UI colour schemes in an interactive 3D iPhone model.

Designed in Figma, Altar Hosting is a server hosting company that serves users with an easy to use method to purchasing, and deploying servers.

I was tasked with taking a design from Adobe Xd, and turning it into a pixel-perfect, responsive, accessible and SEO-friendly website.

MCMarketHub is a platform ideated by a popular gaming content creator, which allows players from the game "Minecraft" to advertise and manage their Minecraft Realm servers.

ReNFC allows you to re-write NFC devices for single-use applications, saving you time and money!

RayThis allows you to seemlessly upload code snippets from VSCode to, and will automatically detect what language too!

CardGen automatically creates multiple accounts for relevant services used by businesses that teach coding to kids!

Ever wanted to play Uno in your browser? With Eights you can. Just join a public game, or make a private one and invite some friends.

The MCDuels website allowed anyone to access leaderboard information from the MCDuels Minecraft server.

The bday node module let's you get any significant person's birthday by scraping Bing or Google.

The BLM console is an aggregation of resources that people can access in order to support the BLM movement.

MCDuels was a Minecraft server that allowed players to face off in an exciting one-on-one battle!

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